The extraordinary asymmetrical ceramic forms created by Kate Haywood seem to defy their thrown origins. The pieces have organic qualities but are distinct from any actual natural object. Each piece has its own unique identity though when a group of works are seen their relationship to one another can be discerned just as with siblings or ancestors. These pieces of ceramic sculpture excite the senses and their tactile surfaces demand attention and investigation. How they have been made is not evident there being no sign of mechanical intervention on any surface. Haywood’s interaction with the clay is subtle and sensitive. Through the manual manipulation of thrown elements she creates original and complex organic forms that appear timeless, literally as though they have always existed. The convoluted curvilinear shapes are characterised by their diversity and dynamism. Each object seems imbued with its own energy and potential to change. Haywood has no preconceived idea about appearance and the emergence of each new piece is an intuitive process informed by experience and a profound interest and understanding of the materials she employs. Colour is an essential element of these pieces not just as a decorative adornment but as a key constituent of the ceramic itself. Irregular bands of contrasting colour accentuate the rhythms and balance of each artefact. Different colour combinations and intensities echo the endless variations in texture which enliven the surfaces of these forms. Exquisite edges have a particular beauty as their irregularity and fractured fragility fascinate the viewer. read full statement

Location Kent, London