Photo: Kate Haywood in Cardiff, Wales

Kate Haywood


Kate Haywood creates groups of intricately wrought objects which appear to relate to a particular tribal group or culture. The viewer immediately perceives a sense of history and place without being able to ascribe a particular location for the origin of the artefacts. Each piece comprises several elements. The constituent parts are linked by textile, the weave and colour of which appears significant. The pieces are fashioned from materials which include porcelain, silk and gold all of which allude to quality, value, meaning and ritual. The pieces are complex but not laboured. The use of materials which have associations with luxury, prestige and purity ensure that the viewer begins to contemplate the context in which these pieces belong. Each surface has its own particular quality and the interplay of colour, texture and scale is captivating. The subtle nuances of colour, shape and form cannot be overstated. That each piece has a particular and special purpose is unquestionable and the viewer ruminates on the sacred or secret rites which would involve the wearing or handling of each assemblage. Though the pieces appear to belong to the practices of a particular group it is impossible to guess at their age as they simultaneously appear to represent a historical tradition and yet appear newly made. read full statement

Location Cardiff, Wales
Artforms Ceramics, Sculpture