Kate Farley

Kate Farley

Artist, Lecturer / academic

I look, see & interpret the world I am interested in through drawing and printmaking processes to make images, patterns and surface designs. I am particularly interested in the translation of three-dimensional space to a two-dimensional page and explore diagrammatic languages of elevation, perspective and plan views in order to generate a new interpretation of place, space and pattern.

The allotment, kitchen gardens, and the changing landscapes of Britain have been key inspiration in my work, resulting most recently in my 'Plot to Plate' collection of printed textile and paper products. Heritage, brand identity, and production methods are also huge factors in how I generate work, and how I communicate design ideas appropriately to each project with unique concerns. I have created work for laminates, wallcoverings, exterior hoardings & roofscapes, interior textiles, fashion fabrics, paper products and publications. I am able to work using traditional print and digital design methods.

My wide and varied teaching practice enables me to experience the creative process of others and to participate in their development. I am fascinated by the diverse personal visual interpretations by individuals I have encountered and I find the teaching rewarding and complementary to my own creative practice. My art and design practice is inextricably linked, building a creative language with commercial awareness and market experience of public art & gallery projects, commissions & freelance design.

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Location Birmingham, West Midlands
Activities Higher education, Lecturing, Practice-based research, Public art, Graphic Design
Artforms / type of project Project, Drawing, Illustration, Printmaking, Textiles
Tags bespoke, surface design, pattern, site-specific, wallcoverings, graphic pattern, 2D design, contemporary design, textile design, drawing