Kate Baden Fuller

Concepts I am a glass artist specialising in architectural glass, windows, screens, room dividers, glass mobile/sculptures and light fittings. The physical areas around a glass commission also interest me. I have designed walls and floorings to complement glass work and paintings, usually a pair on a similar theme, have formed part of a commission. Although I undertake exhibition pieces, most of my work is commissioned. I draw on a number of different sources of inspiration for my work, which is mostly abstract although sometimes there are representational images. Matisse, Islamic architecture and natural forms are some of the inspirations. Space and the relationship between shapes is important, foreground and background are usually united. I approach every commission individually so that the finished work is in sympathy and scale with the building and reflects the interests of the client. Glass is a wonderful, beautiful, magical material, light and colour are trapped in transparency. My work in buildings adds meaning to the space, and brings enjoyment to everyone who looks at it.Influences Stained glass, mirror, reflections, abstract art, architecture, landscape Mattisse, Paul Klee, Alexander Calder, mobiles, flowers, heraldry, India, Nepal, Italy, art deco.Career path The MA at the Royal College of Art enabled me to develop my ideas and experiment with glass and materials in a way which would not have been possible otherwise. I work on both a large (mainly public commissions) and small scale (mainly private commissions). Public commissions include hospitals, schools, office buildings and churches. My work and ideas have been stimulated and developed through commissions. I enjoy sharing my skills and techniques with others. I ran weekend courses and workshops for 10 years and do some part-time lecturing and residences in schools and hospitals. People often work on a project which will hang in their place of work. read full statement