Kate Anderson


My earlier (and some current work), consists many years of sculptural and painted projects, while my fascination for mosaic work began ten years ago. I had used tessellated techniques on large environmental sculptures in the past, using fibreglass resin and a wide variety of materials, since then mosaic making, 2-dimensional and structural, has taken up a large part of my working life. Projects have included collections that combine elements from past sculptural and written themes, using symbolism that has re-occurred for me through every medium. Current exhibition work focuses on a fusion of several years ideas and experimentation, using both traditional and more experimental methods and material a large part of which is made with the Direct Method . These include: smalti, vitreous glass, hand-painted ceramics, stone, gold leaf and resin products. I aim to take my mosaic making beyond the merely decorative, with challenging visual imagery and a very individual approach to my materials. Hand-painted ceramics, for example, allow me to achieve a painterly surface, which when juxtaposed with other elements become a personal and unique statement. I am a member of BAMM, (British Association for Modern Mosaics), and as such I work to give a higher profile to fine art mosaics in Scotland and beyond through my commissioned work, articles and exhibitions. My most recent exhibition Resurfacings, at the University of Glasgow in Dumfries in 2006 featured a collection of themed indoor mosaics, wall hanging and free-standing, exploring the categories of Stories Signs and Superstitions. I received a Scottish Arts Council award towards the cost of three large pieces in this show. I work from my home studio base. My hope for the future would be to receive further interesting and challenging commissions in the mediums in which I work. read full statement

Location Kirkcudbright, Scotland
Activities Further education, Adult education, Workshops, Learning programmes, Private commissions, Critical writing, Creative writing
Website http://www.AndersonsArt.co.uk