Photo: Karen Moser in Storrington, South East

Karen Moser

Artist, Researcher

Concepts: Central to my practice is a desire to bring to the fore undervalued and unappreciated aspects of existence from both the past and present. In responding to these topics, I have frequently recycled materials. I think that this comes from both an awareness of the throw away age we live in and my personal need 'not to waste'. Another factor in my choice of materials is my desire to draw out new meaning from objects that are generally regarded as mundane or just plain rubbish. To question Society's sense of value seems a worthy cause and is a recurring theme in my work. Influences: Archaeology, history, society, culture, environment, time, fragility, memory, loss, value. Artists: Susan Hiller, Cornelia Parker, Mishima Kimiyo. Career Path I graduated in Fine Art in 2001, and have since continued to develop my practice and have endeavoured to reach a wide cross-section of the community. My artwork has been shown in varied and often unusual venues and when possible I like to work with natural materials in an outdoor environment. 

Location Storrington, South East
Activities Practice-based research, Art historical research, Workshops, Training delivery, Participatory projects
Artforms / type of project Mixed Media, Photography, Research, Sculpture, Textiles
Tags seashore, fossils, environment, recycling, fragility, memory, nature, paleontology, social history, loss