Photo: Karen Howse in Launceston, South West

Karen Howse

Artist, Maker

ARTIST EXPLORER I use drawing as a tool for discovery. Walking helps me slow down my thinking and become open to my experience. Seeing is a key part of this process and draws me into the moment. The work is about noticing, empathizing, and exploring. Mostly working outside on a small patch of land or a path or route, I will trace that place, through regular walking and drawing. Small books, prints and sketches are the evidence of my experience in that place. They mark a small particle of time. read full statement

Location Launceston, South West
Activities Residencies, Workshops, Arts in health, Participatory projects, Exhibitions programme
Artforms Book Works, Drawing, Environment, Participatory, Printmaking
Tags drawing, environment, book works, printmaking, workshops, mixed media, process

News & Events

  • 365 days in moments : a year trying to notice A shared exploration of trying to bring attention to the everyday in 2014 posting an image a day. (artist Karen Howse and psychologist Duncan Moss)

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