Karen Eames

Artist, Project manager

Drawing and painting is at the core of my work although it is predominantly site specific and also encompasses different media including sound and video. I enjoy making installations and working in many different spaces. 'Contemporary artists must dare to work with the immaterial means of our time and address the pervasive influence of new technologies in every aspect of our lives'. An important aspect that has emerged through this research is the need for my work to provide opportunity for interaction. I want the work to convey a sense of active audience participation, the setting up for something to occur. Collaboration is also important to my practice and I enjoy working with many different artists and professionals. I enjoy community working and have had the opportunity to help establish a number of projects. read full statement

Location Winchester, South East
Activities Adult education, Practice-based research, Workshops, Learning programmes, Arts in health, Community arts, Participatory projects, Private commissions, Project management