Karen Davies

Drawing is integral to the practice. Rubbing graphite powder into a wall, making etchings on a copper plate, creating images from rubber stamps, a fairytale book, a digital animation. I create surfaces from which other worlds can exist. Current images are those of comets, the cosmos and the sky at night. Not scientifically created, they are the false images of a human being making sense of the universe or creating a world to escape to. The 'drawn' in whatever form, is about ideas and potential and can be largely seen as a process based activity. The thing that happens in preparation for something else. For me the drawing has possibilities that sometimes the finished article (in whatever form) does not. Utilising techniques that have processes which have changed little in centuries (e.g etching) alongside working with new technologies (web based) fascinate me. In particular both processes are designed or capable of reaching the masses and spreading ideas. With early printing techniques allowing the flow of art works and knowledge (and importantly - making this knowledge accessible to working classes), there is a comparison to be drawn with digital and web based technology which can share drawings and ideas which can go viral very quickly. read full statement

Location Newcastle upon Tyne, North East