Kaniez Abdi

British Award Winner Kaniez Abdi graduated from The Royal College of Art in 1998, where she studied Constructed Textile Design. Since graduating, Kaniez has been a textile designer and consultant for more than thirteen years. Working in various industries such as art, trend/forcasting, fashion, interiors and film. Her speciality lies in creating cutting edge textiles that are fitting for the home or body. With a highly experimental and artisanal approach, she uses a wide range of techniques including hand sewing, machine embroidery, bonding, heating, dyeing, painting, printing when creating her work. She also incoporates photography, computer manipulation and image abstraction in the development of her concepts which result in bold and graphic work that perfectly complements the many industries that she works in. Producing a unique range of :- Textile Art, Wall Hangings, Digital Art on paper or fabric, Cushions, Soft Furnishing, Lampshades, Wall Lighting, Fabric concepts for Fashion. These products are used in site specific projects such as hotels, restaurants, bars, corporate receptions and residential properties and private. Kaniez commented " I create textiles to be more like couture, one off concepts. They are made from interesting materials and a mix of constructions that give them a fashion foward look and feel." read full statement

Location Camberley, South East