Jayne Wilson

Artist, Maker, Community worker, Art therapist

Jayne has recently graduated as an art therapist (July 2012) after completing an MA at Leeds Met. She previously graduated from Leeds College of Art & Design in 2009 after completing a BA (Hons) in Fine Art and gaining a First. She is currently working as a tutor on a community art project. Her work deals with the familial and the often complex relationships women have with the domestic. She is fascinated by the repetitive tasks associated with household chores and their close association with obsession. Jayne is excited by the minutiae of daily life and enjoys the painstaking and repetitive nature of her current work. Her drawings with a scalpel explore mania and have a close link to hysteria. She has explored this premise using many different media, including, latex, plaster, wallpaper, clothing, pins, fruit & wax. The process and materiality of the work is as important to her as the resolution. Her current work is based in Freud's unheimliche, (un-homely) and looks at the repetitive patterns with which we surround ourselves in the domestic space, in particular, wallpaper. Jayne uses the traditional skill of encaustic to carefully layer wax upon the surface of the paper. This creates sinister but compulsive pseudo wallpaper, which appears to have life and a strange beauty. She also uses latex to make flesh like casts of wallpaper which investigate notions of the abject. read full statement

Location Leeds, Yorkshire
Activities Special needs education, Workshops, Art therapy, Arts in health, Disability arts, Community arts, Participatory projects, Private commissions