I am an outsider artist who works in sculpture and installation. I respond to place and site but my work always informed by the draw of opposites, light and time. In 2008 I became a member of the Royal British Society of Sculptors (RBS). In 2012 I was elected to council of the RBS. My work is often to highlight a moment, an emotion or something overlooked. I want people to look again, to question. My work is often gentle but unquiet. With a background in theatre, the concept of Brecht's alienation - presenting the familiar in a new light - is how I approach each new work. This combined with a need to present it as simply and minimally as I can is what drives my work. History and research are always the starting points to my work. Even if it's a personal work exploring myself in a landscape often using location to express an emotion. I hope to capture a moment of visual poetry with each work. 'Riverline' is an attempt to reveal an old waterway, this large work can still be invisible when you are stood next to it and then as the light changes it appears as if a mirage - a shadow of history. It's a memory, it's visible but it's still not there. 'Justine's work captures moments in time, nature & thought, when something has occurred, or is just on the cusp. Justine seems to have no fear of the challenge of materials, finding a lustre and beauty in just about any medium, and provoking us (always gently) into acceptance. There is in all her work an elusive sense of the force of motion & process, however still the final piece. For me Justine's work exists to collapse that distinction between doing & being, between happening & stillness.' (Jo King, Curator, Ludlow Summer Open, 2011) read full statement

Location the Welsh Borders, Wales