Photo: Julie Umerle in London

Julie Umerle


Julie Umerle's paintings exist at the meeting point of decision and accident, as indeed do our lives. Colours are chosen to oppose and confound while the exact materiality - the weight of the paint - interferes, patterning its own trajectory. The chromatic disharmony in paint and the friction between these rivulets of colour summons up a quite different reality, matching the glimpses of infinity behind the slashes in Fontana's monochromes; as the action of gravity, magnetising the flows of paint, closes or widens the gap between these streams of time and the space that opens whenever they part or fail to meet. Michael Keenan, studio1.1, London. 


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Location London
Activities Private commissions, Exhibitions programme, Studio practice
Artforms / type of project Mixed Media, Painting
Tags painting, abstract, process, material, chance, minimal, commissions, contemporary, Artist, 2D work

News & Events

  • Contemporary British Watercolours

    19/09/2015 – 08/11/2015
    Maidstone Museum of Art

    Three original works from 21 contemporary artists, including Julie Umerle, who use watercolour as part of their practice. An exhibition that reflects the range and vitality of the medium.

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  • Arts Council England Award

    2015: Arts Council England Award, Grants for the Arts.

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