Juliet Ferguson

Juliet Ferguson

Artist, Writer, Journalist, Editor, Researcher

Juliet Ferguson has been a practising photographer for the last 10 years. She is London-based, but has taken images around the world, working mainly in the field of social documentary and travel. She works in film (35mm and 6x7) and digital and has had work published in newspapers, books and magazines. As an experienced journalist, she has written and photographed pieces for travel articles and guides but is now focusing on fine art and abstract work, as well as questioning the nature of photography through her project work.

Juliet recently completed a post-graduate Certificate in Photography at London's prestigious Central Saint Martin's School of Art and Design (CSM), passing with merit. For her final project at CSM she combined the skills she has acquired through her current job at the Centre for Investigative Journalism with photography, to produce a challenging series of images taken through CCTV cameras that question the nature of photography as well as exploring issues raised by new technology. This is an ongoing project to be completed next year in which she will develop the work beyond the issues of privacy and voyeurism to look at the artistic possibilities of using the cameras to chronicle the passage of time.

Juliet's fine art photography, of which the series 'Don't Tell' is representative, looks at abstract forms and is deliberately ambiguous, letting the viewer make up their own mind as to what they are seeing. She has fine art pictures with Millennium Images Library and Subject Matter, and sells her travel and social documentary shots through the Alamy Online Image Library.

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Location London
Activities Workshops, Training delivery, Journalism, Project management, Photographic documentation
Artforms / type of project Project, Digital, Photography, Research, Text
Tags photographer, surveillance, cctv, photography, fine art photography, abstract photography, Journalist, Researcher, Project Manager, Journalism
Website http://www.julietferguson.com/

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