Photo: Julie Mecoli in Canterbury, South East

Julie Mecoli

Artist, Lecturer / academic

The 'Dark Matter' sculptures and drawings refer to the vast majority of matter and energy in the universe that exists but cannot be seen. The work also reflects my interest in the experience of place and the ability of art to enable access to abstract, remote and invisible spaces including the space of the human unconscious. In the 'Dark Matter' series I exploit the possibilities of bitumen to explore these interests. The sculptures are composed of bitumen, one of the oldest materials used in building. Bitumen is a petroleum derivative and fluid material that can feel solid at room temperature, but moves over time. The sculptures soften in heat, permeate the space with scent, and move to ground. Using this material allows me to explore work that like nature changes over time and moves from form to formlessness. Like most natural processes the movement is irreversible; it only proceeds in one direction. In the future each sculpture will exist only as a pool of pitch containing itself and other things entrapped in it. The black structures and their descent into disorder evoke ideas of entropy, chaos and loss. read full statement

Location Canterbury, South East
Activities Higher education, Residencies, Workshops, Public art
Artforms Architecture, Drawing, Environment, Installation, Sculpture
Tags sculpture, bitumen, fossil fuel, dark matter, bell jar

News & Events

  • Dutch Electronic Arts Festival Biennale 20 May - 9 June 2014

    Work selected by the Institute for Unstable Media

  • 2014 Assembly 9-15 July

    New work and a catalogue from Assembly at the Horsebridge Centre, Whitstable.

  • 2014 Whitstable Biennale Satellite Programme 31 May - 15 June

    Work will be shown in a group and solo exhibition.