Julie McCalden

Julie McCalden

Artist, Event organiser, Writer, Lecturer / academic

The systems and structures within which we live contribute to our construction of meaning, fundamentally shaping our thoughts and actions. But we are not merely subjected to these influences; we can also shape and influence them. Julie McCalden’s work brings these complex relationships to the fore, to challenge 'the way things are' and our modes of thinking and behaving.

There are 2 strands to her practice. The first comprises performative actions that gently push against the boundaries of the socially acceptable to challenge learned, shared behaviour. Frequently taking the form of dares, these actions are undertaken with Girl Gang, an amorphous group of women that resists categorisation. The second strand is of site-specific sculpture and immersive spaces that use familiar materials, scale and intensive, unskilled labour processes to question dynamics of power.

McCalden is also a writer, online editor, project manager and mentor working freelance across a range of projects, including Visual Arts South West and a-n. She is also an associate lecturer at UWE.

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Location Bristol, South West
Activities Lecturing, Workshops, Events management, Project management, Studio practice
Artforms / type of project Project, Installation, Performance, Sculpture