Photo: Julie Lawrence in Merseyside, North West

Julie Lawrence

Artist, Teacher

With its roots in the visionary nature responses of Turner, Blake and Palmer, and a musical mirrored ballerina box kept since childhood, my work explores the sacredness and interconnectedness of life as the platform for nurturing an ecological consciousness By combining the processes of painting and photography, I explore the interrelation between light and matter, a union of the tangible with the intangible which marries the mystique of nature with something internalised from a primal sense of home. My work strives for a spiritual sense of place and belonging, an infinitely interior room which dissolves the implicit geometry of categorical thinking, and from which there emanates a reciprocity between inside and outside; self and world*. I am inspired by the writings of Karl Jung, Bachelard* (‘The Poetics of Space’) and also Eco Feminist Theology . A key aspect of my working process involves the collection of nature’s remnants; the remnants of inhabited spaces such as a shell, a piece of driftwood, leaves and petals fallen from a tree for example. These I perceive as having intrinsic worth attuned to mystical dimensions. Photographed and re-photographed between different forms of light and painterly matter, they transform, often unintentionally, into quiet visionary spaces . In these photographs I have sought to reconcile the notion of a transient spiritual self with a notion of human limitation, a quest to find a sense of rootedness within a discourse of endlessness; a desire to still the blur and find meaning within re-enchanted space. read full statement

Location Merseyside, North West
Activities Special needs education, Workshops, Community arts, Participatory projects, Exhibitions programme
Artforms / type of project Drawing, Environment, Mixed Media, Painting, Photography
Tags Spiritual, Quiet, Territory, Memory, Time, Childhood, Identity, Collecting, Place, Transience

News & Events

  • The Passage

    19/02/2014 – 19/04/2014
    Art Gene Ltd., Barrow in Furness

    An exhibition of 17 works which are part of an Art gene u-hang exhibition project

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