Photo: Julie Lawrence in Merseyside, North West

Julie Lawrence

Artist, Teacher


With its roots in the visionary nature responses of Turner, Blake and Palmer, and a musical mirrored ballerina box kept since childhood, my work uses the camera as a creative tool to reveal the hidden and ephemeral in a personal dialogue between self and place.

Hovering between reality and unreality, my images attempt to spill into the dimension of our virtual world, revealing a discourse of endlessness which simultaneously longs for the mythical place of memory.  The narrative explores the notion of a transient self which articulates time present and time past and attempts to evoke in the viewer an unstable perception which hangs between the familiar and unfamiliar, seen and unseen.

I use the camera, then as a creative tool which allows me to manipulate light to alter perspective, revealing something about a personal sense of history and everyday human experience in a quest to retrieve something internalised from a primal sense of home.

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Location Merseyside, North West
Activities Special needs education, Workshops, Community arts, Participatory projects, Exhibitions programme
Artforms / type of project Digital, Drawing, Environment, Film & Video, Mixed Media, Painting, Photography
Tags Spiritual, Territory, Memory, Time, Childhood, Identity, Collecting, Place, Transience, Melancholy

News & Events

  • Stillness and Movement

    28/03/2015 – 30/04/2015
    Waterside arts center, Sale, Manchester

    A digital slide show and a body of 14 photographic prints which reference a journey to the uninhabited island of Hilbre.

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