Photo: Julie Lawrence in Merseyside, North West

Julie Lawrence

Artist, Teacher


With its roots in the visionary nature responses of Turner, Blake and Palmer, and a musical mirrored ballerina box kept since childhood, my work uses the camera as a creative tool to reveal the hidden and ephemeral in a personal dialogue between self and place.


Hovering between reality and unreality, my images attempt to spill into the dimension of our virtual world which simultaneously longs for the mythical place of memory; thus invoking in the viewer an unstable sense of perception and visual representation.

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Location Merseyside, North West
Activities Special needs education, Workshops, Community arts, Participatory projects, Exhibitions programme
Artforms / type of project Drawing, Environment, Mixed Media, Painting, Photography
Tags Spiritual, Quiet, Territory, Memory, Time, Childhood, Identity, Collecting, Place, Transience