Concept The metaphor that best describes my progress as a painter would be the weaving of a tapestry, in which themes which have preoccupied me over the last 20 years, resurface and recur,taking on new tectures and motifs. I am particularly interested in the idea of fusing apparent opposites, in painting a liminal world somewhere between imagination and reality, mediated by experience and memory. I am happy for my work to be viewed on any level, however; purely as images or as an object of projection, a window in which people can see their own experiences mirrored or which can foment an individual's dreams and ideas. Influences Politics, literarture, sociology, psychology, history, living in a multi-cultural city, cinema and new and old traditions in art practice. Titian and Modernism. Career path I have exhibited extensively and am currently working towards a significant in 2014 in Spitalfields in London. I have works in major public collections as well as private ones both in the UK and abroad. Art Education Camberwell School of Art The Picker Fellowship, Kingston The Royal Academy Schools read full statement

Location London