Julie de Bastion

Julie de Bastion

Artist, Maker, Writer, Critic, Teacher


Lyrical and poetic abstractions of compositional landscape motifs.

Julie's work is renown for the immediacy of its emotive responses to light and space, expressed through the richness of gestural colour.
Working from Plein Air and the studio, these small intense homages to visual beauty, create a window through which we are invited to glimpse a fleeting and transient
fluid moment in time, space and light , captured in vital potency.
Her career as a dedicated artist and educator spans four decades and her work is widely exhibited nationally and internationally, bought by private collectors and purchased for museum art collections.
Our transience is echoed in the ineffable
The pathways are those on which we never arrive
The horizon is beyond where we will never see.
These are daydreams of infinity


Writer, illustrator and maker of artists books, Julie's book works are a reflection of the Inner stream of creative consciousness manifested into the form of book as artwork. and container... Gatherings from a lifetime of inner reflections, experiences, faerytale, imagination and memories, musings and writings, they settle into a form best described as keepsakes.
which can be opened and shut, put away or given way.
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Location Henley in Arden, West Midlands
Activities Early years education, Primary education, Adult education, Special needs education, Residencies, Workshops, Arts in health, Creative writing
Artforms / type of project Education project, Book Works, Drawing, Illustration, Painting
Tags visionary thinking, creative problem solving, skill sharing, artists books, creative writing, visual 2D works, painting, drawing, printmaking, illustration, collage, mixed media.