Photo: Julia Rogers in Reading, South East

Julia Rogers

Artist, Curator, Event organiser, Lecturer / academic, Teacher

Julia Rogers is a visual artist using performance, installation, photography, drawing and painting to communicate. She has explored responses in performance, 2D, 3D and installation. Her work uses light and shade to transform the environment in which the object is placed, expanding and altering its presence and meaning. Site-specific work responds to the history, people and particular space to develop challenging and engaging pieces. Mortality and morality are concepts that are of interest and responses are developed through sustained exploration in a range of materials and methods of presentation. The structure of the human form is frequently referenced, with an interest in aesthetics, shape and symbolism. Throughout her work there is an essence of the ethereal, simplicity of form, and reference to time. Rogers is interested in what remains after everything else has decayed, when all else has disintegrated. All that are left are the shadows etched into our memory. A simplified, idealised reality. read full statement

Location Reading, South East
Activities Secondary education, Further education, Practice-based research, Workshops, Curating
Artforms / type of project Project, Drawing, Installation, Mixed Media, Painting
Tags intuitive, experimental, mixed media

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