Juliana Stoney

Concepts I originally trained as a painter, and have recently begun to work in this medium again, after working in glass and mixed media for the last ten years. The themes of rhythm and pattern have appeared throughout my use of different media. In my previous three -dimensional work I often used multiples, and now I have begun to deconstruct old or specifically made paintings to create collaged, repetitive elements. These elements are cut using templates, and form tessellating or irregular shapes based on natural and man-made patterns. Careful selection and placing of these repetitive elements is dependent on the colour, texture or pattern that they display. I am interested in the use of colour theory, and this always greatly influences my work, whichever medium I work in. Career Path Since completing an MA in 2000, I have worked in a variety of ways. I have become involved in community arts and schools projects, residencies, as well as exhibiting my work on a regular basis. I have worked on various public art and community commissions and in 2008 I completed a stained glass window commission for a school prayer room. More recently, I have taught stained glass to adults, and collaborated on developing an art curriculum in a primary school. read full statement

Location London