Jules Allen

Artist, Curator, Event organiser

I would describe my work as a series of observations that explore the perennial human search for meaning and the ways in which our deep rooted cultural and social practices and beliefs impact on our view of the world and our relationships with those around us. I employ a cross disciplinary approach, in which printmaking processes merge with the three dimensional through the form of found, made and re-appropriated objects which are assembled to creat contemplative environments and book works, often located at sites of history. The role of the book within this discourse, signifies both the longing for a calcification of thought and the pervading absence, of an absolute truth. read full statement

Location Norfolk, East
Activities Adult education, Participatory projects, Curating, Events management
Artforms / type of project Book Works, Installation, Mixed Media, Printmaking
Tags book artist, book works, installation, site specific, printmaking, book binding, mixed media, science, systems of belief, sculptural books