Photo: Judith Alder in Eastbourne, South East

Judith Alder

Artist, Curator, Event organiser, Writer, Researcher

Are we entering a new scientific age in which immortality might actually become a reality? Would we really want to live for ever? What difference would it make if we never died? These are some of the questions which I’m asking as part of my new research project which sets out to explore man’s ongoing quest for immortality.

Location Eastbourne, South East
Activities Practice-based research, Residencies, Training delivery, Curating, Project management
Artforms Curatorial project, Book Works, Drawing, Installation, Research
Tags science, nature, wonder, awe, drawing, installation, exploration, experimentation, research, collaboration

News & Events

  • Shared Space

    I will be taking part in Blue Monkey Network's Shared Space residency from 7th to 19th July 2014. News of the residency at

  • What Difference Would It Make If We Never Died?

    A project exploring the quest for immortality in an age of scientific miracles, and asking what it might mean if we really could live forever. Culminating in an exhibition for Phoenix Brighton.

  • LIFE now

    LIFE Now: a project exploring what we know as LIFE in an age when scientists create and craft living organisms beyond our imagination.

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