Joseph Ismail

Joseph Ismail


joseph ismail is a multi-disciplinary artist based in norfolk, u.k. his practice is historically contextualised within the crossover between minimalism and conceptualism, with particular reference to time-based work/ideas and the practices of expanded video & film from the 1960s and 1970s to the present day (written 2013)

looking back contemporaneously, ismail's research-led practice seeks to re-appropriate existing readings of historical works, which borders between homage and parody (written 2012, under the influence of an MA programme, where 'research-led' is a buzz phrase)

exploring psychoanalytical and philosophical ideas around subjects such as repetition, rhetoric and activity/passivity, ismail's work seeks a simplicity, to show how these complex subjects are embedded within daily routine, and how they manifest themselves as behaviour, or as 'bodily acts' (written 2010)

complex-simplicity, whereby the former is distilled into the latter. the complexity is contained 'within' simplicity.  this process can be described as a fermentation of sorts (idea initially conceived in 2010, presented here in this context in 2014)

revolving around a group of specific mediums used to question image and text based representation, Ismail's current practice is concerned with how the work constructs it's own reality on the one hand, whilst misrepresenting its referent reality on the other, in a kind of represent/misrepresent dichotomy. working in the grey-area between these two disparate spaces, a paradoxical predicament arises, whereby issues around material-(re)presentation become of primary concern (written 2015, with elements from earlier years)

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Location Norfolk, East
Artforms / type of project Film & Video, Intervention, Performance, Photography, Text
Tags minimalism, conceptualism, documentation, historicity, parody, mediation, camera arts, intervention, performance

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