Joseph Gower

At the moment I am developing a new body of work which focuses largely on halftone graphite drawings appropriated from Google Sky images of celestial objects, including stars, constellations and galaxies. I then force these images through my own mediations and interventions, photocopying the originals and reproducing these as meticulous detailed copies. I am interested in replicating the instantaneous mechanical reproduction of the photocopier but at a slow human pace. I believe new media progressions such as Google Sky and its other affiliated programs are helping to implement our apparent disconnection from physical space, we rely heavily on these mediated sources for information and direction with a reduced need for firsthand human experience. Being lost, making mistakes, having random encounters and occurrences are becoming less common in our daily life's. In this age of simulations, symbols, reproductions and representations, our perception of the world is devoid of real experience or consequence, blurred between reality and fiction, we are losing our corporeality. read full statement

Location Bristol, South West