Based on the concept of refuge, ideas explore the 'outer skin' that protects and shields. The type of refuge we inhabit comes to inhabit us...inspiration comes from a sense of wandering and insecurity. A nomadic culture that is persistent in its struggle for Independence. A bubble ready to burst, spewing out its cultural heritage. The outsider often feels a sense of temporality, which is reflected in the materials I use to construct the work. Rust and staining, reference age and exposure to the elements. Stitch conveys the renewing and holding together of a 'roof' for its people. Binary connotations allude to the emotional as well as the physical aspects. a preferred use of textiles as a medium illustrates an earthiness that intensifies its relationship with the land as well as a natural predisposition through cultural heritage. More recently, my work has developed in a more sculptural way using materials such as aluminium and wire which embody issues related to displacement and conflict. I am also looking to combine performance and video and linking the work to the body, which would promote an energy into the structures. read full statement

Location Manchester, North West