Photo: Joni Smith in Norwich, East

Joni Smith


Like a child creates fantasy worlds through play, I create fictitious worlds that retain certain truths about our reality. I use maps, which are visual representations of our world; I cut out fragments and reconfigure the pieces as if assembling a jigsaw puzzle. Resultant work is a newly mapped out reality that comments on aspects of our world. During assembly my puzzles follow certain rules in their creation that echo the assembly of our world. I use atom-like building blocks to form a new kinds of existences, each painstakingly mapped out, molecule by molecule. Often the work is labour-intensive, giving the impression of a kind of natural development, where rocks and land are slowly formed, or reformed. As each piece takes shape it is clear to see one world breaking down as the other emerges. I see my practice as a series of quasi-scientific investigations, contrasting installation and paper based work. The installation works echo the excitement of discovering a new idea or theory, whereas the paper pieces show the quiet concentration and dedication a scientist needs to create formulas and equations to support their theories. My most recent work is my Abandoned Diving Board series which looks at objects discarded by society, with the idea that eventually abandoned objects like these will outlive the very society that created them, leaving behind fossil-like traces of our existence. read full statement

Location Norwich, East
Activities Higher education, Further education, Lecturing, Practice-based research, Residencies, Workshops, Private commissions
Artforms / type of project Architecture, Drawing, Installation, Mixed Media, Unclassified