Photo: Jonathan Roberts in Chesterfield, East Midlands

Jonathan Roberts

Artist, Curator, Art historian, Writer, Lecturer / academic

I explore the absurd and how our acceptance of the relationship between what is and what is not shapes our understanding. Examining and subverting the context of images, the object and traditional sculptural display, I am interested in the conventions that relate to our understanding of physical objects and the virtual world. Poking the nonsensical with the stick of reason, in order to raise a smile from the mundane, I walk backwards through time and put things away in a different order. In essence, as my work slowly reveals its many threads, obtained through appropriation and playful association, the elements through which it revolves are revealed: The Absurd, The Figure, Perception of Hierarchy, Gender, and Contradiction. I create work that references actions through a variety of media. This often involves casting the human form in plaster; performance and throwing concrete forms. I am co founder of the Frank Bobbins Institute and Gallery, where I curate many shows, performances and actions read full statement

Location Chesterfield, East Midlands
Activities Further education, Lecturing, Art historical research, Critical writing, Visual arts consultancy
Artforms / type of project Ceramics, Installation, Live Art, Performance, Sculpture

News & Events

  • Frank Bobbins Institute and Gallery

    In 2011 I co-founded the Frank Bobbins Institute artspace . Recently we have opened the Frank Bobbins Gallery, and are working on a series of experimental exhibitions and performances for 2014.

  • Sluice Art Fair

    19/10/2013 – 20/10/2013

    I will be showing and performing at Sluice Art Fair as part of the Frank Bobbins Institute.

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