Photo: Jonathan Gabb in London

Jonathan Gabb


I explore the transformative possibilities of paint. The layers of paint are plasticised and cast, preserving their liquid qualities, while allowing new applications, new possibilities to be imagined. The hanging works are investigations of the sculptural possibilities of paint as a medium. The threads or ribbons of paint evoke a fluid painterly quality, interacting with the enclosing volume, and promoting interaction with the viewer. They are extreme workings of the plasticity of the acrylic medium. The sculptures are on the edge of the paints purpose; the invented practice is non-idealistic and as such the material's function re-interprets itself. The very act of making positive cast of paint, manipulating when dry and then cutting into threads repeatedly reverses the typically perceived 'easy quality' of lyrical abstract painting through an industrious method, yet at the end of it they retain and reiterate a painterly quality.

Location London
Activities Studio practice
Artforms / type of project Installation, Painting, Sculpture
Tags painting, colour, spectrum, plastic, theatrical, gesture, expressionism, abstract, system, process

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