John Wright

Early career

My practice explores the hinterland between Art and science particularly focusing on the relationship between an 'event' and then its subsequent reconstruction' within the gallery space. Time as some kind of elastic plain of study is a constant issue in my work through the capturing and portrayal of it to the viewer. Aesthetically influenced by the deep chiaroscuro contrasts of the European Renaissance and Baroque movements my installations use light and sometimes sound to create drama for the viewer. This hybridity of old and new appears also in the use of geometry. The Ancient Greek and Egyptian use of spheres and cubes in art as very elemental shapes appears to relate to my use of them throughout my practice as if they are trying to tap into something deeper in my consciousness. I am concerned with the role of documentation in contemporary art. My work questions whether documentation exists with the emergence of trans-media narratives and the constant integration of new technologies. My practice is particularly influenced by an emerging paradigm called Critical Realism. I see theory and the actual formation of practical work as two sides of the same coin and I aim to peruse this direction through critical writing as well as creating physical art works. read full statement

Location Leeds, Yorkshire