Photo: John Vincent in Letchworth Garden City, East

John Vincent

Artist, Film-maker, Curator

The process I use is a blending of photographic or video fragments that are melded together to form a cohesive narrative expressed either through oil paint or video. The narrative of each painting is of a moment in time that conversely lends itself, in part, to the 'film still' whilst the video often becomes a time based painting. The subject is an exploration of the atmosphere generated by missing or hidden elements within the scene that convey a sense of mystery and the impression that a significant event has already occurred (or that is about to) which affects the visible persons and those that maybe hidden. Whilst this often involves the concealment of the identities it is also achieved by the interaction of these figures with inanimate objects within the frame. read full statement

Location Letchworth Garden City, East
Activities Practice-based research, Private commissions, Curating, Film-making, Graphic Design
Artforms / type of project Digital, Film & Video, Illustration, Painting, Photography
Tags traditional, graphics, photoshop, corel painter, oil, digital