Johnathan Caswell

'I want to slow down the reading of an image: I want to say, this is important - look at this.' - (Elizabeth Peyton, The Painting of Modern Life) My work to date has been an investigation into individual identity and the ordinary as heroic. These investigations have led, most recently, into the realms of media imagery. This has meant there has been a significant shift in subject matter from the personal attachment to family and friends, to removed notions of portraiture and an interest in the media's use of reproduction and repetition. Primarily through the practice of screen-printing, I have explored the technological construction of media pictures, entering into a dialogue that questions the misrepresentation of images and the dilution of their importance through repetition. By making the viewer's eye linger, I create the crucial delay in the response to an image that might otherwise be overlooked. read full statement

Location Gwent, Wales