Photo: Johana Hartwig in Cardiff, Wales

Johana Hartwig

Artist, Film-maker, Curator, Editor

Johana makes site responsive work generated by emotive responses to spaces and to the humanity in the inanimate. She has a background in Sculpture and has maintained a fascination with form, applying that to video, intervention, audio and drawing. Johana sometimes harnesses 'the elements' to bring work 'alive', be it wind or rain, creating a movement that is both unpredictable and beautiful. Her work is made spontaneously, but also explores deeper concerns relating to value and disposability. Johana has recently founded Art Shell, a project that facilitates pop-up shows and mini residencies in temporary and alternative spaces. read full statement

Location Cardiff, Wales
Activities Residencies, Community arts, Public art, Curating, Temporary exhibitions programme
Artforms Project, Environment, Film & Video, Intervention, Sculpture
Tags artist, wales, interventions, object, elements, weather, sculpture, film, intuition, environment