Johana Hartwig

Johana Hartwig

Artist, Curator, Project manager, Digital designer, Researcher

Johana makes work that responds to the physicality of spaces and to the humanity in the inanimate. She has a background in Sculpture and has maintained a fascination with form, applying that to video, intervention, audio and drawing. Johana sometimes harnesses the elements to bring work 'alive' and lend an unpredictability to the fixed and manufactured. Her work stimulates thinking around value and disposability and looks at our impact on urban and rural environments. 

Johana has recently founded Art Shell, a project that facilitates new site specific work and undertakes arts research.

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Location Cardiff, Wales
Activities Residencies, Public art, Curating, Exhibitions programme
Artforms / type of project Project, Intervention, Sound
Tags site responsive, Wales, intervention, the elements, value, form, spirit, inanimate