I create works with a sculptural sensibility in a wide variety of media, from photography to installation, video and objects. My work revels in the transience of life, seeks out poetry in the ordinary and draws attention to complex cycles of growth and decay. My eclectic interests, from jewellery to fungi unite, producing fantastic creations, which highlight the process of degeneration. Time often plays a central role; some pieces evolve over the course of an exhibition, exploiting the shifting, ephemeral nature of materials such as honey, fruit, fungus and chalk. Others pieces emphasise the process of decay by freezing it, transforming tiny weeds into fragile metal casts. My most recent work exploits the aesthetics and methodology of Science, adapting simple experiments for their metaphorical significance and subverting half-understood scientific ideas. This work combines elements of the school science experiment, alchemy, stage illusion and continues my fascination with decay. Through this body of work, I aim to explore our need for wonder and magic in the face of the rational. read full statement

Location Gateshead, North East
Website http://www.workplacegallery.co.uk/artists/_Jo Coupe/