Concepts I am aware of two processes in my work. The first, measured assessment as I try to define the creative on a mechanical (real) basis., runs parallel to a more intuitive response to the materials I use - the challenge of paint, surface, line and space. The paintings act as a holding space where image and colours are often obscured and minimilised. The recurring images of seeds, pods, leaves, can represent the singular moment, yet also the collective, the circular, the use of the house and greenhouse motif and the bottle and jar challenge this, as inorganic and constructed vessels, containers. My emphasis is on the creation of painted spaces and the painting as object. Influences I have a strong interest in the St Ives painters Winifred Nicholson, Roger Hilton and Alfred Wallis. I am also very inspired by the work of the Fauves and of Picasso, particularly prints and ceramic decoration. Many aspects of crafts and the decorative arts have an impact on the content and surface of my painting. I am strongly drawn to ceramic and weathered surfaces. Areas of work Community arts Exhibiting Schools work Workshops read full statement

Location Kent, South East