Joanna Rojkowska

Artist, Art historian, Journalist

Since 1995 I have been making series of mobile objects move by air movement. In these objects the real actors are light and air movement. I often feel I am only a viewer because the effects are unexpected and surprising. Contact with these objects resembles the observation of nature, and/or meditation, which was my source of inspiration. I give my objects independent existence because I want to encourage the viewer to meditate and discover the spectacle of light. Unlike the majority of works which can be taken in one glance, these objects need time to be understood, to be discovered. Very important for them is geometrical symbolism (almost totally neglected in contemporary art) which gives them the depth of meaning. During meditation the mind becomes sensitive to the slightest motions and starts registering phenomena which otherwise escape our attention. In the material world such an unnoticeable phenomenon is e.g. the two-dimensional reality, the reality of shadow and light, coexisting with three-dimensions but usually ignored as insignificant. Usually in art light appears only as a supplement. However, it is enough to concentrate on it to discover a world of amazing phenomena. The co-existence of two- and three-dimensional reality is a physical and scientific fact, whereas my inspirations are intuitional and spiritual. My objects seem to border on the intuitional and rational, spiritual and scientific. Humanists read them as a metaphor of the inner world, mathematicians – as a symbol of wave functions and multidimensionality. For me, they are objects of meditation– because of their symbolic layer (like in icons) and phenomenal nature (like the meditation of nature) but also because of inspiration. Both their geometry and the use of light, their departure from figurative representation and the materiality of canvas and paint places them in the sphere of evanescent and uncontrolled phenomena. read full statement

Location St Albans, East
Activities Higher education, Further education, Adult education, Lecturing, Art historical research, Workshops, Art therapy, Public art, Journalism, Critical writing, Visual arts consultancy, Film-making