Joanna Kessel

I design work for public art and health care settings as well as for private individuals and corporate spaces. All work is unique and site-specific. I believe that visually stimulating environments have a huge impact on our general sense of well being and enjoyment of work, recreation and recuperation settings. I have worked with local authorities, architects, landscape architects, engineers, swimming pool companies, interior designers, builders and other design professionals as part of successful project design teams. Public art work has focused mainly on regeneration programmes. The work reflecting the immediate environment, encouraging observation of, and investigation into, the locality. This has been achieved through the use of visual motifs referencing, local parks and plants, architectural detail, local communities (motifs found in indigenous design and crafts) and so on. I undertake community engagement and view it as an exciting and integral part of the public commissioning process. I am passionate about working in health care settings as I feel that this is both a meaningful and rewarding area to work within. My family background is medical which has helped shape my interest in and inform my approach towards, the creation of art works that provide pleasant distraction, can be informative and contribute towards the healing process. Private commissions range from swimming pool and spa complexes to water features, threshold paving and interior wall and floor pieces. Client involvement is essential in achieving a successful outcome and often results in a surprisingly informative, fun and rewarding process. Specialism, Interests and Research I specialise in contemporary mosaic work utilising vitreous glass, smalti, unglazed ceramic and marble tesserae. In addition I design work to be fabricated in a other materials, etched paving, lino / floor treatments, metal work and so on. I am interested in combining materials in order to create large scale, visually sumptuous surfaces, through employing colour, texture, shape, mark, line and pattern. I enjoy the juxtaposition of; matt and shiny surfaces; small, hand-cut mosaic tesserae inserted into large scale, intricately computer-cut tiles; earth and spectral colours. I am undertaking a period of research and development, primarily looking at mosaic, tile work and marble and terrazzo flooring, as well as gardens that incorporate structures, sculpture and paving of interest. Initial sites of focus are within Europe. From this will develop a new body of work exploring the potential of the combination of these materials with an enriched design input. read full statement

Location Edinburgh, Scotland