Jim Howieson

Jim Howieson's artistic output is multidisciplinary, encompassing object making, video, architectural intervention, and installation. His approach identifies with traditional sculptural concerns, dealing with the formal properties of materials, their associations and the wider narrative of constructed environments. He exploits both physical and digital material particular to the surfaces of the designed world (plastics, aluminium, hardwoods, rubber, mdf - digital images, animation, video footage) to present a close observation of the architectonic details that play a subtle part in choreographing our experiences. Upon presentation, the works encourage varying levels of physical engagement and position viewers into shifting vantage points. These have previously ranged from architectural works which viewers have been required to walk through (or trip over) to video works which have demanded more contemplative interaction. In this way the works often function as performative props or spatial obstacles. They present both the bluntness and muteness of minimalist objects and the potential to perform or provoke performance. 'The process of making work is quite hands on, engaging in a degree of intuitive craft and material experimentation. Often this is guided by self-imposed time constraints and a conceptual rigor aiming to eradicate superfluous material or information. The meaning of a work is never imposed, sometimes not even suggested, but is kept dormant or restrained. The work is made to be contingent and indeterminate. It is able to adapt to context allowing its specificity to continually emerge in relation to different localities and the other stuff it comes into contact with.' read full statement

Location London