Photo: Jim Brown in Harlow, East

Jim Brown


I am currently working on a project, which involves the expansion and variables within a modular sculpture kit. By producing individual components out of cement and plaster, I am developing an alphabet of forms, which are abstracted from what may surround us daily, I then explore how they interact with each other. The endless options reflect the overwhelming amount of choice presented to us in the 21st century. Searching for the definitive whilst hoping for happy accidents, I am using a 'spray and pray' approach, which reflects my indecisive nature whilst allowing me to fish for, and occasionally catch, the unexpected. Along with drawing, collage and sculpture, I work with photography extensively and have ran traditional darkrooms and recently coordinated a photographic open exhibition. I am a member of Creative Space Artist's Co-operative, which for most part has consisted of myself and one other working in the community by delivering workshops and public art projects. I am also currently a member of, and have a studio at Gatehouse Arts, a relatively new studio complex in Harlow which includes a dedicated gallery. read full statement

Location Harlow, East
Activities Workshops, Community arts, Public art, Private commissions
Artforms Digital, Drawing, Mixed Media, Photography, Sculpture