Jilly Morris

Jilly Morris


Jilly Morris's practice is concerned with marks that tell a story in the landscape or moments that retain a physical presence in the human condition; a mapping of memories or moments as such. Jilly is primarily interested in creating work that is response led to a place, or process driven and researched.

Her work spans different disciplines, including, drawing, installation, sculptural interpretation and enamel. Her artwork is often considered to reside in the 'grey area' between fine art and making; fusing traditional techniques such as stitch into contemporary artworks.

Jilly is interested in the relationship of action and result. Her working methods are often repetitive and deliberately painstaking, reflecting her on going pre-occupation with the passage of time. Jilly is particularly fascinated how time effects landscape, whether by nature or human intervention. To support her work she likes to collect and record forms of data. Her way of recording can be equally as obscure as sometimes the data collected itself. Information often forms part of the dialogue for inspiration or becomes an integral part of the finished artworks.

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Location Bristol, South West
Activities Practice-based research, Residencies, Workshops, Private commissions, Studio practice
Artforms / type of project Drawing, Installation, Mixed Media, Sculpture, Textiles
Tags Drawing, Landscape, Mark-Making, Place, Environment, Site Specific, Textural, Stitch
Website http://www.jillymorris.co.uk