Photo: Jill Townsley in London

Jill Townsley


My work is usually large in scale, often installation based or temporary, though the physical action applied to it's construction is generally of a domestic ‘hand-held' dimension, and always excruciatingly repetitive. Current work reflects a long-term interest in ‘The Role of Repetition Within the Process of Art Production' (the working title of my PhD study). I am interested in how subjective results of repetitive action, such as ‘failure through repetition', ‘temporality', ‘erasure' or ‘shifting authorships' have influenced the processes followed within the production of artwork, and how outcomes may (or may not) be contextualised within broader theories of repetition. Recent work has utilised elements of time-laps animation or video, in the quest to reveal the repetition of process through time.

Location London
Activities Studio practice
Artforms / type of project Digital, Drawing, Installation, Sculpture