Jilli Blackwood

Concepts A textile is expected to behave in a certain way, to be laid across a bed, to clothe and protect us from the elements or to flutter in the sky proclaiming a nation's existence. My fabrics are there to be looked at in contrasts to their surroundings and to challenge the viewer to re-think their perceptions of the function of fabric. The very nature of my work in which a wide variety of fibres are mixed together, sewn and cut defies the precision of modern design not detracting from it but complementing it. Influences Culture, Landscape, Emotions, own gender (Female) Career path 1986 to the present, Self employed Artist working in Textiles 1986 Glasgow School of Art, 1st Class BA Hons, Art & Design read full statement

Location Glasgow, Scotland
Website http://www.jilliblackwood.com