In my painting, I focus on universal subjects of the basic human condition: love, desire, suffering, precariousness and isolation, with simplified narrative figures. Much of my recent work is related to satirical literature, which reflects a certain era in the land of the imaginary and its basis in reality. These inventions are often allegoric to my own personal narratives and fictitious forms. They reflect the innocence of children's or primitive art and are often humorous due to their playful visuals. However, behind some of the works are real historical scenes or present social situations depicted through daily life. I want to have my paintings contain current social issues, daily life story, dark humour and even political problems with witty and I also want to talk about human life and world in my paintings. These big themes are the ones that interest me, and the ones that have the potential to be the most humorous subject. I believe that the way in which colour and paint can work as a language to evolve an image beyond a physical depiction. The inspiration here comes from sources such as documentary film, newspapers and poem with my imagination. read full statement

Location London