Jessica Zoob

Concepts My environment has always inspired me, whether rural or urban. I love untamed nature, craggy rocks and bleak moors. I find myself fascinated and moved by crumbling plaster walls that reveal the bones of a building and bear its human history in marks and faded paint. This interplay between man and nature often finds its way into my work. I do not usually intend the paintings to be figurative but they are often completed and given meaning by the viewer's imagination. I may be inspired by a storm, a mountain, or a love affair - or possibly all three. I have recently been exploring the idea of the Dream Painting, recalling the sensation of watching the sky with the mind free to create images in the cloud patterns. I tend to look for hope and redemption by celebrating beauty in its various forms, be it urban decay, a Hebridean storm, or a butterfly's wing. Influences I am inspired by painters such as Turner, Mondrian, Matisse, Tapies and Paul Klee. Career path Jessica Zoob trained at Central School of Arts and Nottingham University. For seven years she worked as a Theatre Designer under the name of Jessica Tyrwhitt. Her credits include work at Hampstead Theatre, The Royal National Theatre, Bristol Old Vic, York Theatre Royal, The Gate and Greenwich Theatre. She now works exclusively as a painter, exhibiting regularly in and around London and Lewes. Her work is owned by the FSA, Pitcher and Piano, THe Lancasters, London, NEOBankside and private collections world wide. read full statement

Location Lewes, South East