Jessica Rost

Concepts Rost, 'one crazy artist . . . created out of an Alice in Wonderland like existence, where sausages can grow to four feet long and cars can shrink to fit into a sardine tin'. I am best known for my larger scale car sculpture, perhaps a symptom of the 'in-your-face' culture, which I strove to echo in this work. Again and again I return to my fascination with obsessive consumerism, which I see everywhere, whether it be fast food, fast cars, inefficiencies or false structures. These ideas manifested in earlier work through mimicry. Recently my approach has been to look at the contradictions of materialism and spirituality. In Kindred Roots, I became involved in a more fundamental interest in energies, the polarity of the masculine force and the feminine form. I am interested in the subliminal levels of culture, the natural structures, which have their own life and the foolhardy travellers within these.Career path Practising as an artist since graduating from Birmingham Polytechnic in 1991, I am known for my car sculptures, which have travelled to Ely Cathedral, Milton Keynes shopping centre and elsewhere. In 2002 I was commissioned to create a car piece for Cork Midsummer Festival. In 1998 I participated in an International Symposium in Kaunas. Since then I have created links with France, China, Poland, exhibited in Munich and participated in a festival in Rome. Through this interest in exchange I began a biennial International Symposium for Milton Keynes, which I co-ordinated on behalf of the Silbury Group of Artists in 2000, 2002 and 2004. As a self-employed community artist since 1996 I have undertaken many commissions, art weeks, residences, workshops and performances, working with groups and in collaborations. In 2000 I performed 'Biffa Surprise', which was part of 'A Circular Happening' by Richard Layzell to commemorate Milton Keynes Gallery's first birthday. read full statement

Location Milton Keynes, South East