Photo: Jessica Lerner in Carmarthenshire, Wales

Jessica Lerner


I have been a practising performance artist since graduating in Fine Art from Goldsmiths College in 1989. I studied at the Centre of New Dance development, Netherlands for 1full time year. I have integrated dance and movement into my work gaining several commissions from Chisenhale Dance space including New Choreographers award in 1992, as well as curating and showing my work in a research project and a European conference there. In 2007 I was given a residency at Chisenhale where I made a performance installation. I was a member of an International performance Network for six years where I performed in Copenhagen, Lisbon, Nuremberg and Liverpool. I studied one year full time at the European dance development centre in the Netherlands in 1993. Over the years I have collaborated with artists Tanya Syed, filmmaker, Felicity Croyden, artist and many others including Florence Peake and Joe Moran. In 2007 I made a performance on the Black mountain and performed in the local Miners theatre and a film which has been screened in it's own right called Daughters on the Mountain with Film maker Tanya Syed and dancer Eleanora Allerdings. In 2008 I was commissioned to make a performance installation called Conception Vessel, for the Herbert Gallery in Coventry as part of the Summer dancing festival. In 2012 I completed an MA in Fine Art at Swansea Metropolitan University. In Sept - Nov 2013 I pursued a research and development project in my own practise with 4 other performers

Location Carmarthenshire, Wales
Activities Residencies, Workshops, Community arts, Exhibitions programme, Studio practice
Artforms / type of project Drawing, Installation, Live Art, Painting, Performance