Jeremy Lord

Jeremy Lord

I so love light !
I make light to look at and enjoy... and to transform and refresh a space, architectural feature, 3D object or just as an experience in itself.
My work involves the creation and sequencing of light which changes colour, and of placing a singularity or multitude of changing colours within different forms to enliven, mesmerise and fascinate the observer.
Some of my
work is contained with a framed light box, it all started in 2004/5 with my signature piece Chromawall which went on to take me around the world as it was the first Art Light to feature colour changing light.

Now I take private and corporate commissions as well as working with architects and other artists including Martin Richman. I also provide a bespoke design and manufacturing service for led lighting and the necessary electronic control systems and architectural fabrications.

I love the sense of timelessness that can be achieved when you are lost in the act of observing and discovering different combinations of colour. Some combinations produce moments of deliciousness where you are then left wanting more and you have to keep looking to see if they occur again.

From time to time I still manage to produce something new ! but of course I never know when that is going to happen, it's often a chemistry between me, something physical, something abstract and a catalyst from nowhere - do get in touch...
Background influences
Music, movement, 60's design, texture, sensuality, the sky...
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Location Brighton, South East