Jeremy Hutchison

I'm interested in the construction of reason. I look at how we live, and the mechanics of sense. The mass media makes the 21st Century seem coherent: I think it's more useful to unravel it. So I take the stuff of consumer life - shopping, advertising, global manufacturing - and disarticulate its tidy language. I try to disrupt common sense. In a recent intervention, I transformed Heal's brand identity into the iconography of a totalitarian state. Curiously, the furniture store commissioned these fascistic designs and mass-produced them across their entire product range. For other works, I bicycled into the Israeli-West Bank separation barrier, inserted money into an ATM machine, and turned a high-end fashion boutique into a sex shop. The works aren't quite sculptures, photographs or videos - but situations: performances of an idiotic logic within the rigid structures of the everyday. I bring remnants of these situations into the gallery space. The work hangs awkwardly in the space between these remnants - texts, videos, objects - creating an atmosphere of productive confusion. read full statement

Location London