I am a visual artist based in Edinburgh, working in ceramics, printmaking and sculptural assemblages. I make individual pieces, by hand, often as part of larger installations. The idea of change has been present for many years in my work and focuses on impermanence. I have looked at how it feels to be in an uncertain world. I am interested in the sense of smallness one can feel in an unpredictable, elemental world where natural forces are almost too big to comprehend. Walking, in particular by the sea, is a constant source of inspiration. I am an avid beachcomber and some work reflects ideas around collecting found man made objects. Imagery comes from rocks, worn bones and rusty metal. Also while working in a hospital I have explored the vulnerabilities of our bodies and the change processes related to illness. This prompted a residency at the Royal College of Surgeons which was fascinating. Another theme is the way we control our breathing and I have made a series of porcelain pieces and hanging installation to express these concepts. read full statement

Location Edinburgh, Scotland
Website http://www.jennypope.com