Photo: Jennifer Douglas in Gateshead, North East

Jennifer Douglas


Through a dialogue between an informal and chance methodology of sculptural arrangement and a purposefully codified register of materials I explore the relationship between installation, incident and its implied significance. My most recent body of works employ the inherent properties of materials that are combined as constituents to echo linguistic syntax. This creates a sculptural phraseology that conspires to an allusion of narrative structure and points reflexively to the irreconcilable dynamics between social conformity and individual ambition. I am purposefully making things from mediums that tell a story or communicate, and I seek to mis-communicate this: to twist it, and disguise it. I think that often there is a sense that the works create a scene where something has happened, or is just about to... That the materials are reduced to a base-state and then re-presented is both destructive and sinister. read full statement

Location Gateshead, North East
Activities Practice-based research
Artforms / type of project Drawing, Installation, Painting, Photography, Sculpture

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