Jennie Savage

Jennie Savage

Artist, Curator, Lecturer / academic

I am a conceptual artist who seeks to transform peoples perceptions of place through the creation of mediated experiences and the direction of the gaze.

Using traditions of story telling, documentary, historical research methods and imagined other lives I work site specifically to explore the complex relationships between public spaces, town planning and constructed landscapes in relation to
the human story. Adopting a phenomenological approach to making sense of place.

This research forms the basis of 'live' works that re-inscribe a situation and make visible its narratives. Projects have taken the form of site specific films, audio walks, bus tours, a local radio station, internet radio, gallery/ museum based installations, talks, walks, film festivals, symposiums and live events. .
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Location London
Activities Lecturing, Practice-based research, Built environment, Public art, Curating
Tags Architecture, sound, installation, audio walk, public art, documentary, site specific